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03-13-2013, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Pilky01 View Post
My take on it is that alot of posters here are very young, and don't understand the distinction between the Maple Leafs organization, and employees of the Maple Leafs organization. They view an attack on Burke, or an attack on the job he has done, as an attack on the Maple Leafs organization.

Its sort of the way patriotism gets perverted by so many people. They decide that criticism of something is tantamount to an attack on it, and that by criticizing Burke, we are just "trolling" the true Maple Leaf fans.

Of course, people who don't think that way, and who have been around long enough to compare this era to previous ones, understand that criticizing a GM is just a part of being a fan, and that after four years of work, finishing no better than second last in your division, or sitting in 6th place halfway through a shortened season, ought not be considered "success".
my take (and I'm not very young) is BB gets ***** on so much some people feel the need to defend him because although he made mistakes, the biggest being extending/keeping Wilson, he also did a lot of good, both for the team and community, and has brought in some good players on the current and future rosters.

If people would acknowledge that instead of saying his tenure here was a complete and total failure there wouldn't be the need to have these arguments.

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