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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
Agreed. I hope they go after Asomugha now that he's been released (if they can get him at a decent price). The other guy I wish they go after is Derek Cox (lesser known) because he's got the same level of experience as Sean Smith (and basically same age) but has pretty consistently pulled down 4 INTs/yr so far (except 2011 when he only played 6 games). But he's drawing interest from the Bucs & Chargers.

On the TE front, they really need 2 guys if you ask me since they lost Fasano too. He was a solid blocker and we could use a replacement for him. With Bennett already signed, I wouldnt mind going with someone like Ben Watson.
Cox is nice, and could be had for a bit less than he is worth because of the injuries.

TE wise, I think they sign Keller today, who I would rather have than Cook yesterday, especially for that money. So if they sign Keller, that answers the TE position, partially. The Fins run a lot of two TE sets, so they are going to have to draft a TE.

Rumors are that the Fins are going to be aggressive in the draft, without much else being mentioned. I think they either move up to get Milliner, or they trade up to get two picks in the first. If they go the latter, they can go Rhodes and Eifert, Rhodes and Austin, Eifert and Austin, etc.

With Long signing with the Rams now, I think they really need to go after Winston now. If they can get Winston, and add a CB like Lewis, and maybe a DE like Bennett, then with a strong draft, the Fins should contend for the division. It really all comes down to adding a tackle, CB, and TE.

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