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Originally Posted by Nbr-17 View Post
On that subject.
13 Signs Its Time For a Shift Change

1. If on the fourth face-off of your shift you think you recognize your own center forward from the first face-off: Change
2. Have you skated the length of the ice twice? Change
3. "But I'm not tired" Then you didn't skate hard enough, so Change so that someone who is going to hustle gets a chance to play.
4. Have you been hemmed in your end from the opposing team applying ridiculous pressure? Change
5. "But I didn't touch the puck" Doesn't mean you deserve more ice time, so they can apply more pressure, so you can NOT touch the puck even more, so Change.
6. After 30 seconds of offensive pressure in their zone, they get the puck out and force a face-off in our end. Change.
7. "But it was only 30 seconds!" Yah, but THEY changed. They now have fresh legs in our end against a soon-to-be-bagged line that won't be able to clear the puck because after 20 more seconds they're winded and wished they could get off the ice: So change.
8. After 45 seconds of play in our own zone the puck finally gets cleared: Change
9. "But I thought I could get the puck and have a chance on goal." No, you are too damn tired from playing positional and aggressive defense to skate faster than them. They will get the puck, control it, move it into our zone and you will be trapped again for another minute, lungs and legs burning and completely useless, simply hoping they don't score: So Change
10. 45 Seconds has elapsed. Change
11. "But I'm not tired." Good! Before you get tired, and before you make mistakes because you are tired: Change.
12. The bench is hollering stuff like. "Lets get some fresh legs out there" or "If you're tired get off" or "Change-Up" or "Get the hell off the ice!" Change
13. "I didn't know they were talking to me." They are ALWAYS talking to you, so change.

I know 45 seconds seems to be the standard for competitive organized hockey but in my experience with beer league it's too short. 60 seconds is more ideal, with allowance up to 90 seconds.

I'm very thankful that I only ever had a problem with the 3 minute shift trap on a few occasions in my first year playing. That's the worst kind of hockey.

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