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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
Get personal with you? Because it is widely known that you like Avery and players like him? Don't start attacking other posters and questioning their knowledge of hockey when you are a fan that enjoys the fighting aspect of the game, which is an aspect that is not important to playing the game of hockey. Staal and Girardi were 22 and 24 years old respectively when Tortorella became coach. Don't be ignorant and naive because you have a vendetta against Tortorella. That year when Torts took over in february, Girardi was a -14. In the following years his +/-, PIM, and TOI all have improved/increased while Torts has been the coach. It's not Renney's coaching, it is Torts. And if anything being given extra 3-5 min of TOI in the following years would allow more time for his +/- and PIM to be affected in a negative manner, however, it has not. Both players have improved significantly while Torts has been the coach. You want to call me a thug for criticizing your mindless anger towards Torts, fine be that way. Not going to bother me. Just provided you with FACTS. Not to mention, you had nothing to say in regards to McDonagh and Del Zotto's development. No we decided to ignore that part because it deters your hate and criticism for Torts. And again...Henrik is your star goalie. I don't care what he makes, that is irrelevant. It is a 48 game shortened season. No one is saying he should play all 48 (because he obviously won't with Biron having started a few games) but he will be fine. He didn't even play during the lockout. How much rest do you want to give the guy? He has played great lately. The goals that happened last night were not his fault. They weren't Torts' fault either. They were the team's fault because the team went in and played awful Girardi got caught a little flat footed on the Vanek goal and the team never recovered/responded. Get out of here with your hate. You want to dislike the guy that's fine. But at least bring substance to the table, not just your blatant opinion of hate and disregard for facts.

This more laughable than anything. Fotiu hasn't coached in years. You say he hasn't been given a chance, well why haven't 30 organizations given him a chance? Think before you speak. The AHL coaches that are given chances without NHL coaching experience tend to be the younger ones in today's game. And maybe Fotiu just didn't want to coach in the NHL. But even so, to suggest a coach who has been out of the game and to base it on purely PP success is shameful. It is ignorant.

Don't act like the coaching staff had no hand in McDonagh's development. Please don't be that naive around here. They even had him start in the AHL. He is going through growing pains right now. Part of coaching his recognition and management. Things Torts has exemplified well with his defense.
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