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Originally Posted by OccupySouthBroadSt View Post
Yeah like it has been noted..the Flyers are predictable and it stems from a combo of lack of personnel and adaptability to what he actually has by the coach as you note. Against teams that play undisciplined and more open we can run and gun with them and come out on top especially if our special teams is clicking and Bryz is making situational saves on breakdowns due to the open attack style and b/c the forwards are not supporting the D men by keeping the space between each other tight. The problem comes 5 on 5 and when they face tighter checking teams who are disciplined enough to stay out of the box. The Pens showed that in the second period onward the last game we played and the Rangers were smart the whole game hence the shutout. Even against the Devils the last game they adjusted after Flyers blitzed them in the first. They tightened up and were more disciplined and came back to beat the Flyers like Pitt did and other teams have done.

The Flyers get frustrated with tight checking b/c we don't have really mobile D that can go end to end and open up the ice. Same with the forwards..we only have Giroux and Voracek who play on the same line. The D IF they gain possession of the puck in their own end without scrambling for too long b/c of a hard forecheck are pretty good on the first pass out provided the forwards are supporting them close-by but then if teams clog the neutral zone and check tight the Flyers are prone to turnovers. Then with teams like the Devils the dump and chase isn't as effective if the Flyers are even successful in gaining possession in the neutral zone from a first pass out by the D b/c the Devils have a 3rd D man like Brodeur to neutralize Lavi's savant like insistance on dump and chase!

Luckily Brodeur is injured so that might help the Flyers in that department this time around but they will still need to execute the other aspects...
Our D really isn't bad - they don't play well but I also think that is because we haven't had the right system/development. There is a ton of potential for them to be a fairly good defensive core - we just have to figure out how to maximize what we have for each situation/team.

Our team isn't responding right now for whatever reason and our system isn't effective. We need a change...we def need a new goalie coach as well

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