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03-13-2013, 03:34 PM
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EJ's my favourite player by far in the NHL, but sadly I am moving into "the Blue's won this trade" group.

This doesn't mean that I regret the Avs trading Shattenkirk and Stewart, as I wouldn't mind trading them again, but the value right now is swinging heavily in St. Louis' favour. If Sherman could have waited a year, I'm sure it could have been Stewart+Elliott for Johnson+. Or he could have sold high on Shattenkirk instead of him being a prospect.

With that said, I do think there are some things to point out here.

There are issues with Colorado that are exacerbating the trade:
-Not being able to re-sign Jay Mac. He wouldn't swing the trade to the Avs favour anymore, especially since he is a defensive guy, but he would have helped win games and people wouldn't be so frustrated.

-Sacco. If someone can provide me with a reasonable argument as to why EJ should play less than O'Brien, O'Byrne, Hunwick, and Wilson then maybe I can be enlightened. Its been stated a million times that EJ should be getting 23+ minutes a night. Unfortunately Sacco prefers to split time. I also don't think it can be stressed enough how when Johnson first got here, he was looking like a 40 point defenceman, who played 25+ minutes a night, as a guy who was told to ignore Sacco's "system" and just play. Now he plays Sacco's system and seems like he's content to just get out there, not get scored on, and get off. This is a major issue with him right now. He needs to get his confidence back. It looks like he is just going through the motions. I think part of this is sitting on the bench so much. If he is playing lots he isn't going to be thinking. He'll just play, and that is when he is going to look his best.

-Powerplay. EJ is definitely getting the short end of the stick here. He is put on the right side for some stupid reason which completely takes away his one timer. I don't think I've seen him shoot a one timer this season. That second unit is also a joke. Palushaj, Jones, McGinn? He is supposed to put up points with these players? It's just not going to happen.

-Partner. Wilson jumps up into the play all the time, but isn't good enough offensively to have anything show for it. Hejda-Johnson was about as useful a poopy flavoured lollypop. O'Brien thought he was Bobby Orr. Matt Hunwick...Its Hunwick. Liles should still be partnered with Johnson, and he would have a lot more points.

When Sherman figures these things out, then the trade will look a lot better. There is just no way that it won't. I really believe Sacco is by far the biggest issue here.

The Blues won the trade. It's as simple as that. They sold high on Johnson and bought fairly low on Shatty and Stewy. But it is done. Now the Avs need to go about making sure EJ is a 40 point, all situation defenceman, which he totally can be.

The other is the play of Shatty and Stewy's/ contracts.
As it stands right now, the Avs are going to face some big decisions after next season. There is a lot of young talent that is going to get paid. Due to Shattenkirk's points, he has a good reason to demand almost 5+ million. Not sure what Stewart is looking at, but he is a guy who I would be very nervous to give a long term contract to.

The Blues no doubt don't regret the trade, but that doesn't mean they don't have issues too.

Originally Posted by Stealth JD View Post
False. Shattenkirk is a mess in his own end. He's essentially turning into Phil Housley or Steve Duchesne.

Love his offense...but if he's commanding big bucks (more than $4.5M/year), I'd be willing to shop him around the league. The kid needs to figure out how to play in his own zone.
Originally Posted by Honeycutt View Post
I agree.
Originally Posted by PerryTurnbullfan View Post
He definitely needs a shut down, butt covering partner. His defense isn't there with his offense that is for sure.
Originally Posted by CarvinSigX View Post
Shattenkirk's "sloppy" play began when Jackman was taken away from him...
Obviously you could find plenty of quotes about EJ's shortcomings too, and the Blues overall are very happy with Shatty, but some of you act like the Avs traded away an amazing 2-way defender. They didn't. They traded away a guy who is awesome offensively, and mediocre defensively. I said it before, and I'll say it again. He is going to slow down and his numbers won't look so godly by the end of the season. It has already started happening.

As for Stewart, everyone knows he is streaky. When he is on, the fans love him. When he is not, he is very aggravating. Is his current play a hot streak, or is this the player he is always going to be now?

I've defended EJ a lot, but I do agree he needs to show more for this trade to considered worth it. However, I don't know if he ever will as long as Sacco is here.

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