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03-13-2013, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
Silly statement? You mean about him allowing only 7 goals in 6 games? That's silly?

Well, I can tell you I have been waiting 45 years for that ****ing Cup. So it isn't silly to me.

Therefore, I am willing to give Quick some slack. He's still our no. 1 goalie and being no. 1 he deserves to play in at least 75% of the games. He's probably going to continue to play until Tuesday, which is the back-to-back against Phoenix.

And, by the way, stop your condescending tone to me. It's getting old.
What is getting old is you flip-flopping around. You start talking about the playoffs, so I comment on the playoffs in response, but then that's not good enough because I didn't mention the regular season too?

And I know you've been waiting 45 years for that cup. If you go back to some of the threads at the time, I was saying how, as excited as I am for myself to be seeing my team win a cup after 25 years of cheering, I was even more excited for you as you have been a fan since the beginning.

And I'm only as condescending as you are, assuming your 'short-sightedness' can see that.

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