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03-13-2013, 03:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Ottomatic View Post
Never going to happen. If Rychel does leave though, I hope he finally breaks the silence of exactly what the offenses were. Right now the Spits ownership has to play nice, I assume in hopes they can get the hosting gig, but when that doesn't happen - and if Warren leaves, I hope he spells out exactly what happened. To be penalized the 4th overall pick - it better be a pretty major violation.

I can live with the punishment, if it fits the crime. But without knowing the crime, losing a 4th overall pick is pretty damn severe.

I definitely agree with your last statement,after all regarding the comp rule,if Erie loses the 2nd pick ie not showing up,the following year they would pick 5th not 3rd,likenormal if a team trades or declares 1st rder defected they get 1 pick lower the following year except the bottom 4 teams get their picks 1st,should be no different in this case
Teams are not allowed to trade 1st rders before draft, to punish a non play off team is wrong
I will say it again my guess is the league did not figure the Spits would not miss the playoffs this year,in fact if they were in the east they make the playoff,so they wont finish with the 4th worst record

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