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03-13-2013, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
I don't think its hard to understand the point Sting is making. Neither of you know what was going on in Gainey's head, so this part of the argument is dumb.

Sather didn't exactly make the Gomez deal thinking, "Damn, I'll sign Gomez and then two years later I'll trade him for McDonagh. And that guy, he's going to be a beast on defense, oh yes this will be great."

Gimme a break. Objectively the Gomez contract was one of the most idiotic things Sather has done in the past decade. Just because he got lucky and was able to turn a turd into gold doesn't mean the Gomez deal in and of itself was a good deal.
Sting's Gainey was mentally unstable, literally, argument is patently offensive. He had no business ever making it, it's a disgusting claim. And simply absurd. Nothing else to say about it, don't try to justify it.

Sather got 70 and 58 pts out of his two years of Gomez. A lot of you don't realize, he fell off a cliff right after we dealt him. Sather did a good job getting out before it happened. So good that we got McD in it. Give credit where it's due.

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