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03-13-2013, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Richie10 View Post
If this were a full 82 game season SAF would correlate to points standings a lot closer. As it stands, we're going to see a few teams buck the possession trend this year.

The save percentage discussion has a few things going on. First, we're second in the league in shots allowed, which partially correlates to our possession time as well as quality of D. For everyone actually watching the games, we've seen clear cut breakdowns by the D leading to quality scoring chances, so a low shots against average doesn't automatically = great D. However, this is also why our save percentage is so terrible. Low shots against due mostly to possession time plus defensive breakdowns leading directly to high quality scoring chances equals a bad save percentage.

Could our save percentage be a hell of a lot better? Yes. But the entirety of that stat does not rest entirely on our goaltending. Most of it does, but not all of it. Sometimes your D breaks down and you need your goaltender to make a big save. We haven't seen a lot of that this year from either goalie. I've said for years that I would like teams to start tracking save percentage on high quality scoring chances rather than just shots, because it cuts through a lot of variables that can influence good or bad save percentage as the statistic stands now.

Regardless of all of this, I hope Bernier starts against the Sharks. The Sharks have had good and bad Quick figured out for years.
Agreed, stats are ********. We can make bone headed plays at a time that completely hangs the goalie to dry so I don't care about stats. I justcare about how often qquick gets beaten from the slot which is why I just want bernier to start. It's nothing on quick I just want a technical goalie with a glove to play cause our D completely leaves the slot open at times.

Hopefully bernier does start against the Sharks because they have good shooters and they aren't the team that would require a goalie to make athletic saves.

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