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03-13-2013, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
8th (overall), 5th in the East (I'm expecting some disappointing losses)

I really hope everything that has happened until now will continue in terms of sticking to the system and being motivated. Those are the two things under the NO EXCUSES banner that have led to our success and are key to it being carried through jusqu'au bout. We aren't the perfect team, but we sure as hell have me believing. I still think that Chucky has another monstrous gear that he can enter this year.
Drawing comparisons with the West is useless. Teams from different conferences don't face each other this year. So, overall means nothing really.
I don't see us dropping lower than 4th in the East.
Toronto just isn't that strong imo. They're on a high run like last year. I don't believe in that team.
Ottawa has a lot of injuries, but they're staying afloat thanks to their great system and how their whole team buys into it. However, I don't think they can finish 2nd in the division.
Jersey is suffering with the losses of Parise and Brodeur.
NYR are a mystery and that's never good.
Bottom line, neither Jersey or NYR seem to be fixing their issues.

There's really no reason to believe the Habs will suffer a string of disappointing losses combined with other teams going on a hot streak.
I mean, anything could happen, but if you look at how things are going in the conference. You're predicting the hot team to have a drop in performance and then saying the struggling teams will go on a string of victories..
Not sure that makes a whole lot of sense.

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