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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
Sting's Gainey was mentally unstable, literally, argument is patently offensive. He had no business ever making it, it's a disgusting claim. And simply absurd. Nothing else to say about it, don't try to justify it.

Sather got 70 and 58 pts out of his two years of Gomez. A lot of you don't realize, he fell off a cliff right after we dealt him. Sather did a good job getting out before it happened. So good that we got McD in it. Give credit where it's due.
I'm not talking about the McDonagh deal, and neither is Sting. I don't think anyone would contest that that was a good outcome for us.

The GOMEZ deal was one of the dumbest moves Sather has made. It seems like you're actually saying the Gomez deal wasn't that bad -- you cite the point production as if that is all that matters and look at it in a vacuum. Gomez was not a good fit on the Rangers, he was already starting to look like he might be headed toward a downward trend before Sather picked him up, his point production was inflated by the role he played on the Devils, and he was being asked to fill a role that anyone who watched him play knew he probably couldn't. He had ONE breakout season two years prior to the signing and that was it - aside from that, he hadn't broken 15 goals in a season with the Devils once. You realize that with the contract Sather gave him, Gomez was making ~$7.5 million a year, right? Would you say he was worth that, even if he had been able to keep up a 70 pt pace (16 goals per year)? I am by no means a fan of Gaborik being here, but by defending the Gomez contract you're basically saying he was of equal value to Gaborik (also ~$7.5 mil per year). And even though I don't like Gaborik, I know that that is just a ridiculous position to hold. Gomez: 16 goals per season, 70 pts once. Gabby: multiple 40 goal seasons and consistently a ppg or more producer. Yea, great deal.

It worked out in the end because we got McD; but that doesn't mean that the original GOMEZ deal was a good one. This is not hard to understand.

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