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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Some (keyword: some...not many) wanted to trade Subban for Hamonic!!!

You (Analyzer) were willing to trade Subban for the Schenn brothers in the past (as you quoted yourself...kudos for admitting it and having a laugh... I'll admit myself that the Schenn brothers would be tempting but I'm too big of a Subban fan...once in a lifetime dman/player imo ; huge bonus part...he was born in Toronto but grew up a huge Hab fan!! love it!!).

We have a dman who is the best this organization has seen in DECADES...yes DECADES, and maybe the best dman since the Habs started in (approx.) 1909. Too early to write this? Not for me. When PK was 21 he already showed us so much in the playoffs when he shut-down CROSBY. I was so f***ing pumped that we finally had a dman who could do it all...and also in a very entertaining way. I was instantly a major believer, not to mention the fact that I have never seen a dman skate so fast and handle the puck like Subban. He's one of a kind (defensively and offensively, regular season and playoffs...huge heart and endless sky-is-the-limit talent/skills).

Some truth:
I kinda miss the 'ol (coast-to coast-Bobby Orr-style) Subban...but I certainly don't miss 3-4 players attacking Subban, and before some of you piss on me and bash me...I still of course love what I'm seeing right now (conservative Subban...white-Subban! anything for the team...anything to prove to all the doubters that they are/were so wrong). Cherry and Stock can't say anything bad now...since Subban is just doing everything thing right (keeping it simple and smart and even using his amazing wrister) and not yapping after the whistle anymore. I'm sure Cherry and Stock hate what they're seeing...they'd rather bash Subban and put a bounty on his head. ******* Cherry and Stock...they should kiss Subban's behind for trying to get the entire NHL to hate Subban. Can't wait for the day Cherry and Stock are out of CBC...I'll be celebrating that day. Those cocky macho tools should apologize to Subban and kiss his feet for spreading hatred in the NHL like a bunch of redneck bullies.
I now remember why I stopped posting and reading on these boards. I felt like this league's treatment of Subban was ridiculous. It's really just a revealing of the ignorance that is pervasive in this society. Unable to understand what motivates Subban. Unable to get past the color of his skin, to the underlying and implicit assumptions at work in the moral standards that are held by those who are a part of the NHL and the culture of hockey in North America.

The saddest part is that many people are ignorant of their ignorance, and due to their lack of humility, oppress those who think and behave differently.

Then again i've failed by being passive evasive and not man enough to dare oppose the current. It's hard to watch hockey, post chara-patches & subban lynch mob organization really turned me off.

I only care about le Bleu, Blanc et Rouge.

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