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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
Off the top of my head, Lindros in 1997 was swept, Forsberg in 1999 and 2002 didn't make it to the Finals, Gaborik was a point away from leading in 2003 without making it to the Finals, and I want to say that Giroux nearly did it from two rounds of work in 2012. It's not that strange, but still quite an accomplishment.
Well, when the list from the past 20 years includes Lindros and Forsberg, you're in good company. But going back to the '94/95 lockout, I think the full list of players to lead the playoffs in point scoring in a losing cause (not necessarily swept) reads as such:

'95 Fedorov
'97 Lindros
'99 Forsberg
'00 Hull
'02 Forsberg
'07 Spezza/Heatley/Alfredsson (lol)
'08 *Crosby (tied Zetterberg, technically)
'10 Briere

So you're right, not so "rare" in terms of frequency if not limited to a sweep, but the company you keep on that list kind of is - Briere and Heatley aside, perhaps. .

Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
Like I said though, he led the playoffs in scoring because he was able to really pound the stuffing out of San Jose's .850 goaltending (11 points in 4 games). Francis and Fleury had some rounds like that themselves, but they didn't make it out of rounds one/two respectively, so it's not like they were going to chase down Fedorov for the lead. Who else was up there? Broten?
I'm pretty sure anyone who has led the playoffs in scoring in the history of the league has beaten up on one team more than others along the way, and I'm sure goaltending was a factor more often than not. Not sure I'm prepared to put much consideration into series to series production variability, to be honest, or the "root(s)" thereof.

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