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07-29-2006, 02:28 PM
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1st round: Patrik Berglund
2nd round: Nigel Williams (Bad 1st rounder, becomes really interesting as a 2nd...)
2nd round: Blake Geoffrion (I know, homer choice but why not?)
3rd round: Brad Marchand (Loved him all year, and at the Memorial Cup) Though toughest round with Ahnelov, Tulupov and Forney still available.....
5th round: Stefan Chaput (Sleeper pick)
7th round: Benjamin Breault (Scheduled to go much earlier, becomes another sleeper at this round....)

Just for the fun and not going with the players we did picked, cause anyway, I didn't know Cepek and Valentenko at all, I've decided to go which who I think would've been the BPA at the time of the draft without going with Timmins's strategy to go with d-men.

But I'm really happy about our actual picks, especially after seeing Carle's play and Fischer's.....As far as White, well it's possible than in the future the biggest debate would be White VS Marchand, moreso after seeing him play in the camp versus Marchand's play with Équipe Canada but there's loooooong way to go and in the end White's grit and desire VS Marchand small stature could be the difference.....

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