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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
Man, every time I read your posts I get so jealous. I SUCK at zombies. I can't get passed round 10 solo probably. I never play, so that might explain it, but it gets frustrating real fast for me

Had a crazy good league game go to waste today...

51 kills, 26 deaths, 9 caps, 15 defends. Scored 7225 points to lead the lobby by 3K, and we lost 231-165. Hovering around Gold 8 when I logged off.
Well I watched so much map footage being sick of Tranzit that I had a solo strategy before I had ever even played the map. basically the essentials are these

1.) Play one game where a zombie downs you before you even fire or kill anything. Gives you free juggernog (3 hits makes the screen red instead of 2 taking you down)

2.) Build the trample steam. The pad that launches zombies. If you chill out by the roof, you'll need it to put by the window behind you when facing the spawn point.

3.) Buy the bowie knife as soon as you can

4.) Get none bullet based kills to clear the boss round crawlers, gives you a free perk and you can get up to 6

5.) Get galvaknuckles as soon as you can then claymores.

I'm not gonna lie, thus far BLOPS2 zombies was designed for experienced players. I could get to round 45 on Ascension pretty easily if I wanted to, but a map like Die Rise still gives me trouble, and I don't even bother with Tranzit because it is so mentally draining. If you want a better zombies experience I recommend learning these maps on easy difficulty in the custom game mode. I WISH I had easy difficulty when I first started with zombies. I would practice with Kino Der Toten and average like 7 rounds per game.

Originally Posted by iiTzLaMia View Post
I suck at zombies in this game, but in Blops 1 I could get Round 35+ solo every single game.
They made a serious effort to make the zombies mode more challenging. Tranzit is a nightmare for a beginner. Nuketown zombies is a nightmare for anyone who isn't adept at chaining zombies, hell it can be a nightmare for a guy like me if Juggernog doesn't drop soon enough. Die Rise in a co-op nightmare. At least for me. Nobody seems to know what to do on that map, or others use such a different strategy that it just doesn't work the same, so you can't rely on your teammates as well as you can rely on the Quick Revive/Who's Who combo.

The BLOPS1 maps were ridiculously easy. Well...Ascension, Kino, and Moon were (most people say moon is tough, but really, once you get to the bio-dome, there should be no issues, me and my bud hit 40 on a regular basis when we do that map). Die Rise is easy enough once you figure out the map, know the spawn points, and have a good grasp of the elevator system.

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