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Originally Posted by Dr_Hook View Post
That in 6 years, the Kings did not find one decent player from the Q, that they left a couple of very nice one get away and that the 2 guys they did take look like busts; especially Roussin, whose selection in the 2nd as a re-entered player seems questionnable at best.(he couldn't even play in the AHL last year). I know Boucher ain't too blame by himself, I just noted that at first glance, his pedigree wasn't really impressive. It seems to me it would be hard to say otherwise
Give me a freeking break.

You're writing off Bernier and Ryan already are you? and Roussin as well? He's an ancient 21.

So not only are you calling players busts way too soon, but you are also insinuating that every other team has been wildly successful in the past six years drafting players from the Q, which is about as false as you can get.

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