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Originally Posted by Lurch View Post
How about every player whose salary was not paid by Washington. You are in New York, what do you know about the Hershey Bears? How many games have you attended? I have gone to every home game for many years and know the team well. If Ted and GMGM cannot manage the NHL team well, what makes you think they care at all for the AHL affiliate? You tell me, what hot prospect is in Hershey that was signed by the Caps?

That said, don't take my word for it. Both coach French and our GM have said in recent interviews that Washington does not send quality prospects and leaves them to fend for themselves and they do the best they can with what they are given. As you can imagine we are having a tough time without 1/2 of our D corps and frequent callups of our #1 goalie.

As far as ignoring us, do you know who showed up from the Caps for our 75th anniversary? Nobody. The president of the AHL was there, but no Ted or GMGM. How about the outdoor Classic this or last year? Answer again is none. When we played in DC during the lockout, Norfolk was the home team. I could go on, but you get the point. No support nor pride in the AHL affiliate.
You really don't pay attention do you?

1. Cam Schilling and Phillip Grubauer are hot prospects and have done extremely well. Galiev was here earlier and is a highly rated prospect. Kundratek was in Hershey earlier this year and has excelled.

2. The Caps and the Bears cannot control injuries and sickness that happens to Washington players. The Bears players are not signed to just play in the AHL but to provide depth for Washington in case of injuries and sickness

3. GMGM is in charge of the Capitals and not the Bears. He is in Hershey frequently if you turn your head and look into the Hershey suite and is here at almost every playoff game when the Caps are eliminated

4. I would like a source for your accusation that Yingst and French bad mouthed the organization

5. GMGM and Mike Green were at the outdoor game after playing in Tampa Bay that night, that shows dedication.

6. Norfolk was the home team because Hershey did not want to give up a home game for their loyal fans who paid a lot of money for season tickets.

I really don't see how you missed any of this

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