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03-13-2013, 07:19 PM
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Originally Posted by The Zetterberg Era View Post
Tatar just said he doesn't think he or Gus should be down there anymore but that is how things operate and they understand during the first intermission interview. Has a good attitude about being there, but I did think it interesting he thinks Gus deserves a chance. Was surprised they sent him down when being honest, but they signed guys going into the season, excited to bring his family over for games next year.
Tats has been in the Wings system long enough to know how Kenny plays the prospect game. And he's correct- given the Wings inability to score goals, both Tats and Gus should be up with the Wings.

And you didn't expect him to say anything like "it's ****ing bull**** that Gus got the call up and I was sent down while stiffs like Cleary and Abby are killing the lineup," did you? Seems like he made the case as tactfully as possible that he and Gus should both be with the Wings (something most rational fans also think).

It's a credit to him for not just tossing out a mindless "well, the organization knows best, blah blah blah" line. I like that he's willing to speak his mind and not just use the tired hockey cliches.

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