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03-13-2013, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by nki View Post
What's the identity of the Oilers? Skill? You can't win on skill alone. This is a team that traded away Stoll and Greene for Visnovsky, a team that now badly needs players like Stoll and Greene (not to mention they were homegrown).

They are weak in goal, on D and down the middle, Hall is the only one of their top guys who can play the gritty game and has the body to actually make it work. Until they start adding guys who are going to flat out outwork people and win puck battles they aren't winning anything.

Who's going to stop the Getzlafs, the Kopitars, the Thorntons, the Toews', the Backes' etc. from dominating them? Who on that team is going to force their way to the dirty areas and go up against the big defensmen? The reality is that is a soft team, and you can't win being soft, especially not in Western Conference with the big teams that will eat you up for breakfast.
That was pretty much the only thing I agree with. The Oil are not as soft as people think. We are constantly out hitting teams. But we have to hit other teams players because it is usually the other team that has the puck.

The Oilers have struggled with puck possession. And they lack the effort at times to get the puck from the corners and win battles.
It isn't so much size that we need, but tenacity and a great work ethic combined with some skill. Hossa is a great example. Although you can't just trade for a guy like Hossa.

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