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Originally Posted by turnbuckle View Post
Give me a freeking break.

You're writing off Bernier and Ryan already are you? and Roussin as well? He's an ancient 21.

So not only are you calling players busts way too soon, but you are also insinuating that every other team has been wildly successful in the past six years drafting players from the Q, which is about as false as you can get.
If you had paid a little attention, you'd have noted that I did not comment on the 2006 selections; of course, it's way too soon, so I don't know where you take it from that I write them off.

As for Roussin, it was commented at the time that it was a weird selection, a lot of people pointing out that is astonishing number of points was the result of playing with crosby and that his skills set wasn't that impressive. But maybe it was he, who was boosting Sydney's stat I'm not burying him yet, just noticing that at 21, he wasn't able to establish himself as a capable AHLer. Maybe you can tell me how it's a good thing... So in brief: 2001-2005 = nothing impressive. That doesn't mean that Boucher is an idiot, just taking act that at this point, he has no good finds that he can take credit for + has a bust or 2.

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