Thread: Injury Report: Jason Zucker (Cleared)
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03-13-2013, 07:43 PM
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I can live with 4. I was hoping and praying for 5+ (the + part was dashed last night when they said phone interview), I was expecting 1 or 2, I am almost pleasantly surprised he got 4.

Originally Posted by MNWILDFAN001 View Post
According to, there were 34 hits in this game. Just incase they're counting Perry's hit on Zucker, let's say 33. Hitting is fine. Players just need to be smarter and avoid making hits like these.
Another thing that needs to happen in both the NHL and NFL is players equipment needs to be looked at and modified such that it still offers excellent protection, but can no longer be used as a weapon. In both sports, the heavy armor has led to more force being applied in all hits because the armor confers a feeling of invulnerability on the wearer. As armor gets bigger, so do the hits that are delivered while wearing it because the player doesnt think he will take any damage from his own hits anymore.

Additionally, both leagues should look at helmets that are designed to steer as much force as possible around the head instead of through it. Basically a helmet that will shatter on heavy impact, taking as much of the concussive force as possible with it. Or outer padded helmets. Neither one will do much, but every fractional G counts in collisions involving the head.

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