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03-13-2013, 08:05 PM
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So I discovered an interesting mechanic involving buildings that have +mayor rating effects. One of the census buildings I have offers a cap relief mechanic of 10,000 to all residential, industrial, and office caps. So, since my CO$$$ cap is at 78% despite connections to all my neighbors and two maxed out international airports, I decided to plop a **** ton of them in order to knock the cap back a little bit and see if I could manage to get a couple more CO$$$ skyscrapers to build in this city.

I got the cap knocked down to 45%, which allowed demand to go as high as 4500 for CO$$, but only one CO$$$ skyscraper grew over a two hundred year period.

So I decide the experiment has run its course and I go to where I plopped all those census buildings and demolish them all (Demolishing them cost 2 million, but thats nothing considering this city has half a billion in the bank), thinking I could just get back on track.

Well...after I unpaused I started to notice something, My mayor rating was dropping, rapidly. My mayor rating in this particular city is very near the absolute max it can go, but suddenly it was plummeting all the way down to -50. A few months ago I took out one of my old cities to start some riots because I had never seen any in Sim City 4, but suddenly riots were starting spontaneously in a city with all high wealth sims. The mayor rating data view showed all but part of the city as deep red.

So what happened is this. When a building with +mayor rating is plopped. that rating gets added to the current rating, and if it is later demolished, that rating is subtracted. But, since my rating was near max to begin with, all the excess +mayor rating just got discarded, and when I mass demolished all of the census buildings, all of the -mayor rating completely tanked my approval rating across the whole city.

I tried literally everything I could think of to either demolish the buildings without triggering the -mayor rating effect, or to negate the effects after the fact. Neither worked. I even went so far as to remove the plugin containing the building, reloading and demolishing the buildings with them now rendered as brown boxes. No effect. I drove the entire population out of the city for several years before letting them back in. No effect. The -mayor rating effect seems PERMANENT.

So in the end I broke out a backup of the city I made about a week ago. I am frigging glad I have been backing this region up regularly. I would have lost it if the only option would have been to nuke the city and rebuild it.

So yeah, let this be a warning, dont build a massive amount of buildings that have mayor rating effects unless they are going to be permanent fixtures of your city. This includes all landmarks and a lot of downloadable content.

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