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03-13-2013, 08:17 PM
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it is disappointing and also comforting to read that I am not the only one completely fed up with this organization. Between the club red disaster, the new parking rules, the insulting option during the lockout and now they way they are handling the renewal process -- I have just about had it. And this is an original season ticket holder, every year since the start. Yormark in particular but this team in general do everything imaginable to alienate the fan base. No one needs to worry about getting their accounts cancelled or seats moved, they have no leverage, but even if they did, you have tons of prime seats available at your choice. With all the people moved due to club red and everyone with bonus tickets anywhere, you can still currently get prime seats for any game in any section so these seats are also available as season tickets.

On top of all of this, we are witnessing a complete tank again on the ice. As much as everyone loves to preach about tallon's blueprint, how can you really defend this? injuries or no injuries, and everybody has them, we are terrible. In two of tallon's three seasons, we have been absolutely horrible, basically mailing it in midway through the season and I'm sure the salary dump for guys not already injured is right around the corner. Yes, last year was great after more than a decade of failure, but the reality is that we barely held on at the end of the season to get in and got knocked out in the first round. As promising as some of our young players look, we have regressed in every way this year as the worst team in the league and it isn't close. As much as I like tallon and dineen it is hard to defend what I am watching.

Back to topic, they should be begging us to renew, giving us the extra full set of bonus tickets, food vouchers, and much better perks than tickets to third rate concerts we don't even know yet. With the realignment next season, almost every game will be a home game for the opposing team.

I've vented enough for tonight.

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