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Originally Posted by bobo84 View Post
What are you talking about? Spezza is 29. Ottawa is building for the future, we're not a contender. Alfie is 40 and not part of the long term plans. Ottawa fans are resigned to the fact he probably will not win a cup here.

Trading away young blue chip prospects who will be part of the team for the next decade for a 31 year old with one more season on his contract makes zero sense.
1 - As I said earlier, this is based on the discussions on the trade boards.
2 - Alfie is retiring this season or ext season at most.
3 - Spezza will be 30 in June.
4 - By the time Spezza retires, these kids would have just reached their prime age and who knows if they would be any closer to the cup than they are now with a healthy Senator's team plus Gaborik. It is not certain that they will develop as you think they will.
5 - It's not like you are giving away the store, you still have Karlsson, Silfverberg , Stone, Ceci coming up ... Sens have drafted well. But that is your org's call not mine.
6 - The debate about going for it or being patient with the kids is ongoing on many boards, including this one. So I understand your position, but there are others on the Sens boards that feel otherwise. It is a completely valid argument both ways.
Just as an example, here is a snipet of what the Wings fans are discussing re Gaborik, and it was started about including Calle Jarnkrok in the trade.

Note to Mods: I don't know whether it's allowed to copy and paste quotes from other boards. I removed names just in case.

Datsyuk is 34, Franzen is 33, Zetterberg and Kronwall are 32, our window to win again will be closed to this core group in a matter of 3 seasons.

Trading some kids and a prospect for a player who would instantly rejuvenate our team offensively, possibly keep Datsyuk in town for an extension, and most of all allows us to contend for the cup once again would be worth everything.

And to say that Jarnkrok is safe from a trade with ANYONE is just madness.

So we keep on moving forward with an aging core, add another expensive contract, one that has to be resigned next offseason? We shouldn't trade anyone unless it helps us now AND in the future.

The Wings window to win was 07-11, we won once made it to the finals twice, made it to the conference finals in 07 and if it wasn't for some bounces would have made it to the Conference finals in 10 & 11.

In order to win Cups in the Salary cup era you have to have either a) Star players on ELCs b) Star players on bridge contracts c) You have a goalie get hot and have super depth/top 5 dman or d) good young players on ELCs to plug the holes around your stars. Right now we have FAR to much dead weight on this team to think about making a move for that "missing piece", we have more pressing issues than a goal scoring winger (Gaborik is one of the best though).

Our current core right now is:

Datsyuk: 34 going on 35, signed for 1 more year
Zetterberg: 32 going on 33, signed forever
Brunner: Just turned 27, FA this year
Franzen: 33, signed forever
Kronwall: 32, signed till 38
Ericsson: 29, signed for 1 more year
Smith: 24, RFA this year
Helm: 26, signed for 3 more years

Right now we are in no state to trade away any player that could be a 65-80 point center for the next decade, that goes for any of our top prospects. Unless we're trading them for a young high upside dman (how many of those are on the block?) we shouldn't move any of them until the time is right.

There will be some lean years as we once again try to pass the torch from one set of stars to hopefully another set. What we shouldn't do is trade away our only shot at keeping our future from looking like the Maple Leafs of old, or the current Flames, just to go for a feeble attempt to give it one last shot when we aren't close to being contenders. The only chance we have of going anywhere is if Datysuk goes into Phoenix playoff mode the whole run, Zetterberg is his typical self and Howard plays like Quick.

Also what happens if Datsyuk goes back home anyways, and Gaborik signs with another team? Now we are most definitely rebuilding and we traded away 3 top prospects for 1 1/2 years of pointlessness.

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