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03-13-2013, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by SCP Guy View Post
We can't let any UFA walk away for nothing that could bring a 2nd round pick at this point in the teams development. If we are only being offered a 4th round pick for a UFA and are in the playoff race then sure say no....But if we have a UFA that has not agreed to an extension and they would fetch a 2nd rounder or more me MUST make the deal IMHO no matter where we are in the standings.

I think this is how TN is thinking as they know it is a long process to build a winner from within an organization and assets can't be squandered in the early stages of the build up.
Originally Posted by untouchable21 View Post
Exactly. If Hainsey and Antropov are both intending on testing the UFA waters, and each could fetch a 2nd or a 2nd +, the JETS have to do it. Imagine what an additional two 2nd rounders could do in efforts to trade back into the latter part of the 1st.

Any additional picks could be the difference between having more Lowry/Kosmachuk like prospects in the system. Something the Organization needs is to start churning out some quality players at all positions.
I absolutely disagree with this.

If you keep Hainsey and Antropov and they help us win a couple of playoff games, that is $$$ in True North's pocket. You add that to the 7+ million those players free up if they sign elsewhere and you are talking good money to resign a couple of veteran replacements.

This off season should be excellent for a team like Winnipeg who will have cap space and dollars to spend as teams work to become cap compliant.

The LA Kings showed you can do anything once you make the playoffs. So did the Canes (and the Oilers) in 06. Why rob Peter to pay Paul?

You get a couple of draft picks for Antro and Hainsey. Fine. What guarantee that those are going to become ANYTHING that helps this team?

The whole theory of 'getting something for an impending UFA' is overrated.

LA Kings suck.
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