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03-13-2013, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
They made a serious effort to make the zombies mode more challenging. Tranzit is a nightmare for a beginner. Nuketown zombies is a nightmare for anyone who isn't adept at chaining zombies, hell it can be a nightmare for a guy like me if Juggernog doesn't drop soon enough. Die Rise in a co-op nightmare. At least for me. Nobody seems to know what to do on that map, or others use such a different strategy that it just doesn't work the same, so you can't rely on your teammates as well as you can rely on the Quick Revive/Who's Who combo.

The BLOPS1 maps were ridiculously easy. Well...Ascension, Kino, and Moon were (most people say moon is tough, but really, once you get to the bio-dome, there should be no issues, me and my bud hit 40 on a regular basis when we do that map). Die Rise is easy enough once you figure out the map, know the spawn points, and have a good grasp of the elevator system.
I played Zombies on Blops 2 about 10 times because I didn't find it fun like I did in the other 2. Moon was very easy. My favorite thing to do was stay in No Mans Land and play, was in the top 100 at one point for No Mans Land solo. I didn't play with other people a lot but when I did we would get to round 30 fairly easy. In one game there was four of us on round 28 and two went down and fell asleep on us and we still went to round 32 before shutting it down and going to sleep.

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