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Originally Posted by geehaad View Post
I won't call you wrong, because there is so much that is absolutely right about this post, but I disagree that Nash slammed his stick on the ice. He did no such thing. He didn't even tap it as hard as McBain does when he wants a pass, so the word "slam" has no place in a description of what Nash did.

But yeah, I totally agree that Dwyer probably simply had a one-track mind with that puck, then immediately regretted not trying to get it to Nash, and I agree that this simply proves that there is no stone that this board is not willing to turn over in the attempt to find something negative in an overwhelmingly positive outcome.
Don't think he slammed his stick either, and agree with the rest. If Dwyer had fed Nash for the EN we would have already been hearing about Illegitimate Hat Tricks here.

I expect the troops have already handled it, Nash drinks free for life on Dwyer's tab or some other appropriate measure.

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