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03-13-2013, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
Yeah I agree that it looks like we will be signing Keller who's coming to visit. Guys usually dont visit unless they are almost sure they are signing and just want to verify some things. Keller would at least fill part of that hole as you said. I agree they need to draft a TE too and still work on developing Egnew, even if he seems like a probable bust, and even Kyle Miller too who they picked up late in the yr. With 2 TE sets, I think you need 4 guys on your roster.

I hope they are very aggressive in the draft. We definitely need to get some playmakers with our first 5 picks in some fashion (even if thats not 5 players selected). Someone said it on the radio today but we have plenty of meat & potatoes and now we need some filet mignon. I hope we do draft a CB and TE with 2 of those picks. If we ended up with Rhodes & Eifert I'd be happy for sure. I dont think we can get both though and still fill all of our holes.

Besides just going after an OT to replace Long, they need to still figure out a guy to help Lamar Miller in the backfield too. Reggie Bush signed with the Lions today and we dont have anyone with experience back there. Daniel Thomas has been concussion prone too and that leaves us with very little after Miller.

And then we still need to get someone who can rush the passer opposite Cam Wake. I was thinking with our 1st rounder we should consider a DE since there is usually a lot of value in the range where we are picking at that position. I'd love to get a guy like Ziggy Ansah personally but looks like he will go before we pick now.
I was thinking defense in the first round, but with the Fins checking Tavon Austin out, I would choose him. He is explosive, shifty, and would be perfect in the slot. Him, Wallace, and Miller would give us ridiculous speed on offense, and we would give defenses fits. I think its going to cost too much to move up for Milliner, and while we can go with Rhodes or Eifert at 12, Austin's explosiveness is rare. Defenses would definitely have to pick their poison, and you'd probably see defenses double up Wallace less and less.

Miller is going to be our #1 back, and I agree, we need to get someone else because I do not trust Thomas. I do want to see Jonas Gray get a shot, because the kid has some talent. They can go after a Bradshaw or Turner, but Id rather see them use the money elsewhere, and address the RB position later on.

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