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03-13-2013, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
IDK how they'd sign him and Winkler. Who would you take? We've been having the 50 contract limit discussion in several different places, but it will be a big factor next season.
I'm trying to determine if there's a direction that they are leaning on that subject, but I've been unsuccessful (my best Stars contact is no longer with the organization).

I figure you just sign both, if you get into a pinch, you let one of the minor leaguers have Sneep coming back, you have Morin coming back, you have Fortunus coming back, all on NHL deals. These guys get put through the wash so much, you don't know what's gonna happen. I know Morin and Fortunus have been good, the latter is the captain down there. But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be serving up NHL deals for these guys to stay. You can give them a little boosted AHL salary deal and keep them if you want, but if some NHL teams want these guys, you just replace them with something else...there's hundreds of guys that can step in and perform in the roles that you've got there.

Or, if you really get stuck somehow, which I can't see heading into an offseason, but if you really get stuck, if Nieuwendyk has any friends out there you just ask for a favor..."Hey Ray, do me a favor and take Tristan King and just stuff him somewhere for me..." or "Hey Marc, I took that extra year of Erik Cole...just take this Lagace kid, drive for about 2 hours and let him out of the car somewhere for me..."

You can't let mistakes get in the way of progress. Especially now that you guys have your ownership under control. Where you don't have to sit there and count pennies all the time (like the Brunnstrom/Stefanovich trade)...your organization isn't afraid to bring in utility men right off the street and give them a chance to perform (Morin, Tousignant, Sloan, Peters, Roussel, Garbutt, etc.), they should be able to retain their own draft picks if they see fit.

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