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03-13-2013, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by mattyd99 View Post
His whole press conference shtick is old and stale. Answer the questions like a man and act like a man. Instead he acts like an immature sarcastic bullyish teenager. Complete opposite of what he asks his players.
Oh please this ******** has gone on long enough from the hate torts crowd. You want him to go up an coachspeak, seemingly answering questions while really saying nothing? Yeah, those are great to watch. I love it when they pretend to answer questions but really say nothing. Torts tells you what's on his mind, and if he doesn't want to then at least he's a man and tells you to your face instead of rattling on about nothing just hoping either the reporters will be so bored or try to be so polite that they don't bother pushing him harder for follow up.

Edit: Also, who the **** wants to fire a coach because of how he talks to the media? Some of you need to get your priorities straight.

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