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03-13-2013, 11:29 PM
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Originally Posted by geehaad View Post
I won't call you wrong, because there is so much that is absolutely right about this post, but I disagree that Nash slammed his stick on the ice. He did no such thing. He didn't even tap it as hard as McBain does when he wants a pass, so the word "slam" has no place in a description of what Nash did.

But yeah, I totally agree that Dwyer probably simply had a one-track mind with that puck, then immediately regretted not trying to get it to Nash, and I agree that this simply proves that there is no stone that this board is not willing to turn over in the attempt to find something negative in an overwhelmingly positive outcome.
I certainly didn't mean it with such negative connotations. Merely as a life long player myself, I think he should give that puck in that situation especially since it was such a big lead and you never know Nash will ever get another chance. I definitely saw the look on dwyers face after, he regretted it. Nash wasn't IMO pissed like he was actually upset, but he was definelty hoping for the puck and disappointed for just a moment which is a totally appropriate feeling. I'm sure he could truly care less two seconds later. As far as empty net goals not "counting", I think that's crap and I'm sure Nash wouldn't mind an empty net at all just to say he got an NHL hat trick. They were all off the crossbar by the time he tells the grand kids about it. I wasn't looking for anything negative to find, just laughing in the moment. If it was me I would've chopped him on the laces for not giving it up, he just had to throw it in space in front of him. I've had teammates not give me that puck in the name of making the right play, but I still gave them hell for it!

Wasn't trying to make an actual fuss. I'm sure Dwyer got it good in the locker room.

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