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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
Huh...funny reading what I said about the Giguere ouster in '09, thanks for the link and the info you've compiled.

From the last thread:

Um, no, that was an immensely stupid trade for Anaheim. They had to give up a prime-time defensive prospect in order to get back a player who signed a contract they originally deemed too expensive. They could've just re-signed Beauchemin and kept Gardiner. They had to scramble and give up a top prospect to correct a mistake. That's bad asset management no matter how you cut it.

What sucks for the Leafs is that Beauchemin would be flourishing in Toronto under Carlyle right now, whereas Lupul is out and Gardiner is stuck in the AHL.

The only things that might turn it back in the Ducks favor is that Lupul's contract will be an albatross soon enough and the Leafs might actually flip Gardiner for nothing because Carlyle is an idiot.
You can call it poor asset management if you'd like and I'd agree with ya, but the fact is that Lupul couldn't stay healthy in Anaheim (and is still struggling to) and Gardiner is still a prospect. He had a good season last year but who knows if he'll turn into another Luke Schenn or not with the Leafs.

Beauch is the top defensemen on the best team in the west, maybe even the league IMO. The Ducks are better off in their current situation than they would be with injury prone Lupul and Gardiner. However, I agree that they should have kept everyone and just signed Beauchemin to the extension and never let him go to the Leafs in the first place.

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