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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
The big picture.

Bergevin is charged with making this team better than it has been for the last couple of decades. And it will involve bringing in new players to shore up weak areas of this team. Only then will we be mentioned as a continued threat to win Cups.

And part of the process was to have Subban play for a less than desired salary for two seasons before he hits the jackpot.

We give all of the windfall from Gomez and soon to be Kaberle to Subban, where does that leave room for Bergevin to manuever to make deals?

Huge contracts will be leaving the books by the time Subban will get his monster contract.

Bergevin understands that. So does PK.
On the contrary, it was extremely shortsighted.

Looking at the big picture meant looking at how much PK will cost the team two years from now as opposed to today (past summer).

PK is currently at a 2.85M. By 2014, if he keeps up his play, expect his cap hit to double at the very minimum. If the rumors are true, PK was looking at about a 4.5M cap hit over a long period.
Over that span, notable names that are likely to get decent to great raises as well are Eller, DD, Diaz, Emelin, and MaxPac's hit will rise up by 3M as well.
DD will probably quadruple his salary. Eller and Diaz are likely to double it by then. MaxPac is pretty much tripling it. Emelin might get a 50% raise or even more.
Add in PK that will at the very least double his as well.

Those are massive deals that will need to be negotiated.

Next year, we will have 11M of free space. Some of that (3-4M) will go to DD, and then we'll have to find a replacement on our wings for Ryder (unless we resign him). In any event, you're looking at probably adding another 3-4M winger. Some of that will also be for MaxPac (3M increase in cap hit). Then you have to also re-sign (or get new guys) guys like White, Armstrong, Bouillon, and Budaj.
Needless to say, that 11M will quickly go out the window. Luckily, we have Kaberle that we'll surely buy out. So that gives us a small breathing room.
However, in the following year, the only big numbers coming off the books will be Markov and Gionta. Say PK gets Markov's current number (which would be an amazing number if he keeps up his play), so already that takes close to 6M off of free space.
Then we only have Gionta's 5M coming off, but see Eller, Diaz and Emelin needing new deals.
And of course, this is assuming Markov and Gionta are completely let go, which isn't something I necessarily want.

All in all, signing PK to a cheaper/longer deal last summer would have helped us a lot more than this bridge deal.

It's not just PK's cap hit that will go up in the following years, we have a lot of kids that will see their cash go up. So any money that could be saved 2years was a must imo, and when you're talking about a guy like PK, it was a no-brainer.

Just so we're clear on the big picture, Galchenyuk is making about 500K more than PK as a rookie playing 10min a game less.
This dispute was absolutely useless, unwarranted and looked like an ego battle right from the start more than anything. Heck, it was even publicized as so. With all the ''Bergevin has a reputation to build'' and ''If Bergevin backs down, he'll look weak as a negotiator'' headlines in the press. This looked a lot more like a rookie GM wanting to show who's boss rather than a simple and obvious decision to lock up not only your best youngster but your best player overall (one of the best young players in the whole league!), who had already proven to be effective in all game situations versus tougher opponents, to a long term deal asap.
This was a very stupid negotiation.

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