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Originally Posted by iiTzLaMia View Post
I played Zombies on Blops 2 about 10 times because I didn't find it fun like I did in the other 2. Moon was very easy. My favorite thing to do was stay in No Mans Land and play, was in the top 100 at one point for No Mans Land solo. I didn't play with other people a lot but when I did we would get to round 30 fairly easy. In one game there was four of us on round 28 and two went down and fell asleep on us and we still went to round 32 before shutting it down and going to sleep.
Have you tried Die Rise? Once you get the hang of the map it's a ton of fun. Tranzit to me was too much work to actually get to a point where it was enjoyable. In fact, I never really got to a point where it was truly any fun. The only place I would actually like staying is Town, and there is NO gun in town to keep getting ammo for. You have to traverse that giant map just to find the box and get a gun. I did make it to 34 on it once, but that took a LOT of work. Never really got back in the mood for that map

Die Rise to me has every element you can ask for in a zombies map. Sections that actually give a fright factor (seedy hallways), beautiful map design, awesome guns (AN-94, PDW, Sliqufier, galvaknuckles), an awesome and really useful buildable, scenic and manageable chaining spots, and a "free pass" zombie boss round. It's kind of a mix between verukkt, the asylum map, and Der Riese only it's got it's own benefits that make it awesome on its own.

It might just be a personal thing, but I found that getting to the rounds where it stopped being so much about skill (33+) and became more about focus and repetition, with as much ease as I was finding on Kino, Ascension, and Moon (Shangrila and Five were just such frustrating maps, I saw no point in trying to master them...started Call of The Dead by the time BLOPS2 came out) was just not fun anymore. Like...getting to these ultra high rounds started to become routine and not very challenging. The challenge was becoming having enough patience to do the same thing over and over and over again.

Maps like Verukkt, Der Reise, and Die Rise have this unique strategy you can follow and an ever-present sense that no matter how good you were, one simple mental mistake, and it could be game over for you. It presents a challenge that makes it enjoyable and actually gets my heart racing at times. Die Rise only adds to the equation by having a variety of awesome guns, a slew of excellent perks, and awesome chain locations.

Hands down my favorite zombie map.

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