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03-14-2013, 02:53 AM
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Originally Posted by ursavolta View Post
100% fans just want a quick change and want playoffs to happen immediately. Keep these guys and let the farm grow. Tallon needs to make smart trades / acquisitions.

I would go for players like Dubinsky, Jones, ect ect - players that have passion and grit to their game.

Think about it, if you were a GM who would you trade flash or versteeg for? More picks? seriously? we have alot of good quality players in the depth chart. I think it would be a good time to trade our 2nd for some support and play it smart.
We are last in the league. We're not going to trade our 2nd. That pick is going to be like a late 1st, in a great draft.

Originally Posted by Pantherfan12 View Post
Versteeg wasn't playing like an idiot, he was playing like he was injuried because.... He was! the man had hip surgery for god's sakes, I mean can't he get a pass for that?
If Tallon moved Versteeg, who would he be traded for and who would replace him? Everyone here is 100% certain that we won't be aquiring the services of Corey Perry, so who exactly takes his place? Last season and even this past offseason,everyone was keeping their fingers crossed that Versteeg avoided arbitration and resigned, well he did and now no one likes him? A year ago, Versteeg along side Weiss and Flash we're once named the best 1st line in the league for the first half of the season, now we can deal with them being traded??

I am sorry but if either one is traded, we're taking steps backwards. Like I said, the likelyhood Tallon gets a true first line player is slim, so now we're going to expect yet another 2nd/3rd line player to step up and play 1st line minutes???
Nope, Versteeg has been playing like an idiot since halfway through last season. He thinks he's Pat Kane now and tries to stickhandle through the entire team every game, and every game he turns the puck over. It has nothing to do with any injury. It's mental. The only thing the injury has done is make him look even more foolish.

So it's Corey Perry or bust? There are several other players we could sign to replace Versteeg. If we trade him now, we save some money on his salary for this season. We'll have lots of money to throw at a FA. Money talks. That's how we got all those free agents two years ago.

Everyone wanted Versteeg back because we were hoping that he'd get his head straight and stop playing like he thinks he's Pat Kane. He still plays the same way. If he doesn't change, there's no way that line will ever get back to playing the way they did the 1st half of last season.

Versteeg isn't a 1st line player, so we don't have to worry about replacing him with a 1st line player. We can sign a good 2nd liner with that money.

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