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03-14-2013, 04:21 AM
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Originally Posted by 86Habs View Post
Well, you know what you're gonna get with Richards and he offers a low-risk option that can kill penalties and play in defensive situations. If the OGs started today, yeah, I'd probably have him there (barely). We are a bit light on the PKers (Bergeron, Toews, Sharp, Nash, I guess Giroux/Staal). However, in a year from now, a guy like Benn may give us just as much value in a defensive and energy-type role, plus offer substantially more offensive upside. All of the guys on the list, save maybe Neal, have significantly more upside potential than Richards and still have time to develop their games between now and December. I'm projecting a bit here, but think Richards will get passed by a few of the guys on that list.

I wouldn't mention Carter if not for the fact that he was the guy slated to fill in for Getzlaf in 2010 if Getzlaf's ankle wasn't good to go for Vancouver. So obviously he's already on Hockey Canada's radar, and he's done nothing but bring his game back to his 2009-2011 level this season. Perhaps a longshot, but who knows?
I think it's time that P.K. Subban be thrown into the mix, and since you as a habs fan seem reluctant to call it for fear of being called out as making a homer pick, and since I am not a habs fan then I can do it. P.K. gets consideration for the summer camp and is right up there to get the call in December provided his play continues to trend upwards. I've been impressed with his play this year for the first time since his call up in the Play offs a few seasons back.

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