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03-14-2013, 09:17 AM
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Plz stop pucks
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To think they don't give a **** is downright foolish. All of these guys care, and all of them want to win. Many of them are young and need constant guidance and direction. Right now the problem is, this team is very fragile mentally and needs to learn to rebound and rally around both goaltenders. The guys have no answers - they've had games where they outwork an opponent and had no luck, they've had games where they try to play defensively, they've tried any number of different things. Line combinations. Styles. Shooting angles. They're trying... that part isn't difficult to see, but right now they're exacerbating play by basically not sticking to any particular plan and throwing everything at a wall right now. Is that on the players, or the coaching? A little of both. I've seen people playing ways i'd never imagine or expect (looking at you, 26); and i've seen people play ways they played before with a different coach and less direction (cough 25 under Tocchet cough). To say they don't give a **** is disingenuous. They care, but its a roster that had almost no training camp and still needs to figure out "what" exactly it is.

Here is why i've made my comment. I've seen a lot of **** with this team... japanese owner who had no idea what hockey was, owners that couldn't stop fighting, coaching that lost a locker room, coaching that had a decent emphasis on single player development but had no idea how to run a team as a unit. Because of our struggles this season, with so many things stacked against us (short camp, condensed schedule, early injuries, depending heavily on player growth to drive this team) so many are willing to throw Guy to the wayside without trying to truly strip emotion from all of this and look at it objectively. Goaltending needs work. Defense is still finding its footing. Offense has been lazy, and poor defensively - potentially trying to do too much.

I love the guys and as much as it pains me to say it, because they're great people... look objectively at what has been good and bad.

Its hard for me to truly pile on about some coaching, or some defensive stuff - look back a few years. Our defense carried us on a lot of nights leading up to the playoffs, at least towards the end of that season. Then it became a door that closed solidly. They got great life out of guys who didn't (allegedly) have a lot left - Ohlund. Brewer. Clarkie. Bergeron.

Hell, they got more tread last year out of guys, too. Gervais was a great, cheap, simple RH D pickup. Randy ****ing Jones was fantastic, for being a #7 defender. Got some tread on Mikkelson, Lee - although the Lee experiment has been lacking this season.

Our offense has been 8th in the league every year since Guy took over. Most teams would kill for an offense like this. When we're on offensively, we're ****ing money and i'd put our roster toe to toe with anyones. Bring on Pittsburgh - hell I think we have better wingers. We're second in the league for goals/game with 3.38 right now, we're on the north side of GF/GA at even strength with 1.05. PK is at 83% which is incredible considering our struggles to clear our zone.

Guys, we have some really good **** going on here which is blinded by a few struggles. We've got to have a little patience here to get things clicking. If, or when, things come together this season, its going to happen very quickly and very angrily.

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