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03-14-2013, 10:08 AM
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i have 9.5 ee supreme one100 for goalie skates and theyre pretty good but still tight especially on my bigger foot with side pain after taking them off.

i tried on 9.5 ee one.9 player skate and it felt too tight to be sure so i didnt want to buy them. i tried the apx 9.5 ee and it felt perfect.. never felt a skate that fit like that. only thing that held me off was the price tag. few days later i tried vapor 7.0 when it was on sale and it wasnt as good as the apx but it was better than the one.9 and comparable to my goalie skate. so i baked them and bought them.

ive only skated a few times in them but every time i get the same problem as always, side pain... especially after i take them off.

i couldnt find any ccm's in wide and i didnt like the reeboks nor the nexus. nexus actually seemed wide but just didnt feel good for me. the apx felt perfect. now that its on sale, i might consider them again if they give me that perfect feel, but first ill try to rebake and stretch my 7.0's.

also, what kind of difference would superfeet insoles make compared to a stock insole?

whats the general consensus on easton skates? i think the new mako skate was recently released...

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