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03-14-2013, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Pie O My View Post
Leafs fans earned a lot of goodwill with me during our SC year. They had the largest and most passionate congrats threads after we won the cup, and a lot of them rooted for us throughout and knew all about what the Canucks stood for and they chose the good of the game of hockey over mindless jingoism. I would actively root for them if the B's were out and they were still in it.
Leaf fan here (and no i didnt have the audacity to vote in the poll). I think it was probably split 60:40 for that 2011 cup finals. 60% of the leaf fans who cared wanted you guys to win. The ones who didnt either cheer against division rivals or wanted the cup back in canada. But obviously you guys did play montreal in the first round that year so a lot of us started off cheering for you that playoffs and just never stopped. Also like you mentioned (and this was my personal reason for cheering for you), a lot of us knew what the canucks stood for. I still cringe to think what would have happened if they won the cup with THAT kind of team, inevitably inspiring the hockey world to copy them.

Plus the bruins were basically what the leafs wanted to be at the time; pugnacity, testosterone, belligerence, truculence. Brian Burke basically wanted to mold the leafs into that.

Lastly it was comical how mad you guys made the Habs fans that year

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