Thread: GDT: Caps vs Canes 12MAR13
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03-14-2013, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Ref9 View Post
I agree that Jeff Schultz's performance on ice, especially his poor play the other evening, is not the reason for this team's current failures.

However, the fact that Jeff Schultz is still on the team and no less getting a sweater, is more about the failures of GMGM. 55 is the poster child for GMGM's failures. He epitomizes McPhee's performance in mishandling personnel. GMGM's overly joyed with 55's performance after his career year (+52) he's quick to reward him with a new and nice contract. When it's quite apparent, at least two seasons ago that Schultz is at best a 6/7 d-man and not an asset to the team's d-corps, GMGM sits their as Mark Twain would say "like an envelope without an address on it", which in many ways seems to be the same expression Schultz has most nights when he's on the ice.
Exactly right. He is the whiping boy because he is the biggest of the mistakes gmgm has made. I dont have the answer but i know 55 isnt.

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