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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
Wow 5-10 range? That is very bold considering I still think he is a very high second round to low 1st round.

The highest I could see a team pick him is between 21st to 24th.
Well i mean 5-10 range if he was on a better team.... Like if he was on the PP for say Portland or something. 19 goals on a brutal T-bird team, imagine him on Winterhawk PP or OilKing PP or something? I guess he would be getting more assists that goals, but u know what i mean.... he would light it up point wise. Thats just my gut, I know alot of people would disagree but I just think his offensive play and his vision on the ice is unbelievable. Crazy thinking he is only 17 years old.

Look at it this way, I am not comparing Seth Jones to Theodore what so ever because I think Seth Jones is far and beyond the top pick for this NHL draft and something special that comes around once in a blue moon, but imagine if Seth stayed with Everett and committed to that team? That is a horrible team and he would have no real good forwards to set up or play with, so sure he may have still gotten decent point total, but Im sure his +- would be brutal and I really dont think there would be quite as much hype with him as there is now with him playing with..... well just look at the Winterhawk roster hahaha wow!!!. Playing on a great team with great players helps alot and unfortunatley Shea is a great player playing with average players.... He needs Barzal to sign there asap!!!hahah

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