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03-14-2013, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
huh, no, not really, lest not forget that being in March right now means P.K. has only 20 more games experience (end of last season to now) - without the Habs training camp - and needing a few games to get to the new system put in place by MT. and maturity doesnt kick in overnight.

I know it's hard to admit for those who were saying (dont remember if you're part of that group) he was already so awesome last season... but P.K. is improving not only at a faster pace than most but an incredible one right now.

Too many things changed/improved over 20 games to be considered "natural developpement".
PK's development since his junior days has been incredible. That's the point.
Just look at his team Canada performances as an example. He went from being the 7th D one year to being a very dominant and key one the next year.
This isn't news. His development over the years has been incredible.

It's also not just 20 games. It's 10 months between his last game of last season and the first of this one. During that span, he had time to reflect, take advice, train and practice. Not to mention, every early 20 year old gains natural maturity on a yearly basis and evolves as a person. He obviously took that very seriously.

That's the point many of us were making, PK is a special player. Don't treat him like a regular one.

Originally Posted by CaptainIginla View Post
I hope they dont make the same mistake with Gally...
Saving on two years < paying big money for 8 years
Galchenyuk is already making 3.25M. Even if he gets a bridge deal with no increase, it will already be higher than PK.

Originally Posted by HawkeyeCB View Post
He's become a much more complete defenseman in the last 20 games than he would have in the next 5 years under our last set of coaches.

PK deserves a ton of credit but this coaching staff deserves just as much.
Under RC? Yea, I agree. It was some of the worst ''coaching'' I've seen in years.
Martin however used to hold a similar speech ''PK needs to do less'' ''keep things more simple'' ''improve his timing/decision making''.

Therrien deserves credit for not being a total idiot, I'll give you that. He's doing good.
But I swear sometimes it's as if people think PK was a troubled player struggling before Therrien took him under his wing. It's retarded.

PK was already effectively shutting down top opponents and could play in every situation. His work ethic is irreproachable apparently, and he takes his career very seriously. What more do you want from a kid?? All he needed to do was to mature as a person, because once you do that, you listen to directives a lot more.
I give very little credit to Therrien for PK. I think pretty much any other coach would have had the same result unless you brought in morons like RC-RL.

Originally Posted by Habs 4 Life View Post
The good news is the cap will keep going up in the next few years so in 2 years when his new contract kicks in we will be alright
You realize PK is not the only kid that needs to be re-signed. By 2014, a lot of players will be getting significant raises, especially if they keep up with their current progression.
Originally Posted by Kjell Dahlin View Post
Very low but it is not 0%!

Basically, assuming Subban becomes the great D we all know he can be, it means that Bergevin would have spent 4M$, over a 8 years period, for (1) insurance policy in case Subban regresses during the upcoming season, (2) much needed cap flexibility in 2013-14, (3) an incentive factor and (4) less pressure on Subban’s shoulders.
You realize that every time you sign a contract there's a risk. Even if it's an established veteran, there's always a risk. The question is whether or not he's worth that risk.
The risk was very low, as you pointed out.
There was very little doubt that PK wouldn't continue his progression. I mean, why wouldn't he? But even if he did, he was still playing like a 4M worthy Dman. He was effectively shutting down the top opponents consistently, and can be used as a #1 pairing D in every situation. So even if his progression halted, he was still a solid Dman.
Basically, in order for him not to be worth 4M, he would have needed to regress. I don't understand how anybody could think he'd regress.

Bottom line is, PK was well worth the risk.

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