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03-14-2013, 11:33 AM
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A new goalie wont do anything. The Flyers are like a person that dates a bunch of people and breaks up with them, then always wonders why everyone they date is a bad person...refusing to realize that maybe they are the problem.

Bryz has shown he can be a solid goaltender when the team players smart defense in front of him. This is true for any goaltender. If you put Lundqvist in goal for us last night, the result would have been the same. There is so much confusion on the ice right now that no one seems to know what to do, including Bryz. There is no structure at all. All bringing in a new goalie is going to do is cover up the bigger issues on this team by making Bryz the scapegoat. It will be the same song and dance and the new goalie will be run out of town in a year or two.

I am not against making a move that will make this team better. If amnestying Bryz to bring in a younger cheaper goaltender that will allow us to spend cap elsewhere is a possibility, then fine. But people thinking the biggest problem right now is Bryz and that some how a new goalie is going to make everything better are just looking for an easy out.

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