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03-14-2013, 11:54 AM
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I agree with some, disagree with a lot of what you said.

First, we have pretty much missed the injury bug this season until recently. Malone is the only guy who missed a ton of time early, and that allowed us to bring up Killorn. We are probably close to the bottom of the league in games missed, I'd imagine.

Second, this team is bad. Is it year before Stamkos bad? Eh... no, but for different reasons. This isn't a team. This is a collection of individuals who don't play that well together. This is what I put on Boucher. You said it yourself, we clearly have the talent. Talent-wise I think our offense is top-3. But there are five skaters out there. Five different players. We don't need five skaters out there, we need one team.

This is what I put on Boucher. So much blame goes on the assistant coaches or on the goaltending, but the fact of the matter is this team doesn't play like a team. That's why we can't breakout. That's why our Dzone coverage is so bad. That's why we have problems entering the zone. That's why we lose so many puck battles. You need five players who know what to do, where to go, and support the people on the ice with them. I don't see that night in, night out. When we don't get that support, it looks like lack of effort. It's not, it's just lack of cohesion.

The struggles we've had (condensed season, short camp, etc.) are not unique, but seem to be effecting us more than most other teams. That is because Boucher has not been able to adapt. He doesn't know what the **** to do. He left Lindback out there for too long, and it backfired. He hands out minutes in a way that makes no ****ing sense, and juggles lines to the point where if someone asks a Lightning fan how our lines work, we just kind of stare blankly. Matt Carle leads the team on TOI most nights, and ends up in late game situations where he so obviously shouldn't be, while our #2 overall pick, the guy that has been blossoming and shown actual offensive acumen, rides the pine.

It seems like the reason you favor Boucher is that we've had worse. Yeah, we have had worse. But also, importantly, we've had better. I don't want to get used to losing, but I am. Under Boucher, we've had one good season, and now, two bad ones. And all I hear him offer are excuses and platitudes. Sorry, I can't anymore. He opens his mouth and I hear hot air.

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