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03-14-2013, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by JDinklage Morgoone View Post
It wasn't Bryz's fault that Bob was traded. That's on Homer. I don't believe in compounding mistakes. While trading Bob was a mistake, amnestying Bryz without a contingency plan is also a mistake. I really don't want to watch Leighton named the starter again
I couldn't disagree more. If Holmgren is still the GM of this team, given how little regard he's shown for cap management in the past, I will be absolutely terrified that all it takes is one average to good year from Bryz and we're locked into that contract till 2020. That's not saying Homer is a "bad" GM, he has a ton of strengths, he's just shown a serious lack of understanding / regard for the cap in the past and I'm absolutely terrified that if Bryz gets another chance and shows any sign of improvement, Holmgren will keep him around.

And that would be the death of this team. If Bryz is kept around next year, unless he's playing Vezina caliber hockey, he needs to be amnestied. 1 year of improved / above-average play next year cannot cancel out the prior 2 years of inconsistent, terrible play. Because the potential for that inconsistent sieve of a goalie to come back is always possible, and indeed it's very likely that the poor play does return as Bryz turns from what was supposed to be his "prime" to the later years of his career.

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