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03-14-2013, 01:19 PM
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I don't think getting rid of Holmgren solves anything, he's not the problem. He struck out this offseason with the offer sheet and Parise/Suter but he didn't have many choices (I know I didn't want Carle back for that price). No way to foresee something like Pronger going down, or Bryz being as terrible as he is but he's adjusted well enough and obviously the attempt is there even if he didn't find success. Replacing Pronger isn't something easy to do, and when your owner tells you to find the best goalie available and they turn out like Bryz has it's not really your fault.

Lavi on the other hand won't adjust his system at all to his roster. He keeps our defense pinching in situations they shouldn't, and with the defense we have they shouldn't be pinching nearly as much just because of how slow they are. This offense-first plan for our defense is awful, and it's just compounded by the fact that it exposes Bryz's weak points on a nightly basis. Bryz is a system's goalie and he isn't going to be that reliable goalie who makes big saves on odd-man chances. He's just not, but Lavi keeps putting him in positions where he has to be and he fails. And now that our offense has dried up a little (likely due to youth and lost depth in Jagr and JVR), his run and gun system makes even less sense. The forwards to take too many chances to create transitions the defense can't support, and don't put nearly the effort necessary into the backcheck that we need. I think most of our problems come down to a coach trying to force a system on a roster that is not suited for it at all, and the coach needs to be the first thing to change.

GET RID OF LAVI. His system makes no sense on this team and he won't adjust.

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