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03-14-2013, 01:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Preds33 View Post
It wasn't supposed to stop the crazy, the NHL's side was to eliminate the backdoor that allowed teams to make the contracts long to string out the cap hit. Which is working. Are you telling me that you would settle for 6 when you could get 8 or 9?
Thats not it at all. The salary cap falls next year to 64 million per team from the 70 it is now. While cutrailing the length of the contract and the cap hit each year players are still getting contracts that are going to castrate teams. While everyone wants teams to be closer in competivness this will allow really three high paid players on a team with the remainder lesser talent due to salary limits. Take the Preds for example we have two 7 mil guys now if they add that one 7 mil top 6 forward a third of the salary cap is gone. Or you would have 43 mil to spend on the rest of the team. There are teams that are going to have to shed cap space big time to ice a team next year. The Nucks have 14 players signed next year at 60 mil so they have 4 mil to fill tere roster. The Preds have 14 players signed and 18 mil cap space so imagine they sign Perry at 8 mil leaving 10 to round out a team you have to think Josi will get 3 mil and Horni 4.5 that will leave 2.5 mil for 3 players on a 20 man roster.

So my point is the GM's are not controling salary with the signings since the start of the season they continue to pay more than the budget is going to allow. Hmmmm I think they have had the same economics teacher that the POTUS has had.

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