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Originally Posted by cishockeyfan View Post
Im sticking to my guns UNB 7 Saskatchewan 2 or (6-1, 5-0)
If Saskatchewan does win 3-2 in OT it will be because their goalie stopped 45 of 47 shots minimum, and Lacosta let in 3 of 20 shots or less.

If this game was in a neutral location, Edmonton, Thunday Bay etc, I would give it a close score, I just have a feeling the large crowd will actually hurt the Huskies game rather than Help it, only cause of player nerves.
The large crowd shouldn't hurt the Huskies. I mean most of their players are CHL grads where a crowd of this size isn't uncommon. If anything, I figure the crowd being so large will actually jack up the Huskies. Nothing like having a full house getting loud to help a team with momentum. I suspect if the Huskies make the final, the attendance record set in 2000 will fall.

However, it looks like the lower bowl is all that is open tonight. Looking at Ticketmaster's seat viewer, there are plenty of seats available for tonight's game. Granted, it being Thursday night and quite snowy and cold, might hinder some of the walkup crowd. The other thing is the University Cup has been lost in the hype for the Memorial Cup in Saskatoon. I remember between 1998 and 2000 there was tons of publicity for it and whatnot. With the Memorial Cup being in Saskatoon (and the Blades being quite hot only 2 loses in their last 20), the casual hockey fan might be saving their money for that. I have tickets to a pair of games for the Memorial Cup as well, but we'll see how the walkup crowd does for this tournament. Oddly enough the fact Grey Cup is in Regina this fall might hinder ticket sales to the casual sports fan. With finite budgets for tickets (and the Riders almost forcing people who want Grey Cup tickets to buy season tickets), many people might not be interested in going.

There was a letter to the editor in today's StarPhoenix griping about the $5 service fee Ticketmaster charges and how the author was going to go to tonight's Huskies game and decided not to when he saw that. Apparently the difference between $30 and $35 was too much for this person. I just accept the fact that there are service fees on the price of tickets just like there is taxes. It has never stopped me from going to games, but seems it might for some. I suspect 2014 will be better attended since as far as I know it is the only major hockey event in Saskatoon next year.

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