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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
I would think Pitkanen would be comparable as he was a top pick. He turned out pretty good, but wanted out. I also don't think anyone would consider him a franchise D man.

I'd also add that they traded for Coburn, Carle, and Mez in the past couple years. All were young, former 1st or 2nd round picks.

It looks like defensemen are breaking into the league at a younger age, and playing well. I'm just more leery of dmen than forwards, as their learning curve tends to be steeper and longer, and how volatile they can be early on.

I think that if you're looking for a fix right now than an 18 year old isn't the answer. If they draft Jones, they'll still need a #1 dman for at least 2 years and I think that's being extremely optimistic. All the young stud Dmen in the league are at least 22. Not old at all obviously, but still 4 years from where Jones is now.

It depends on the type of fix you're looking for. If you draft Jones and trade/sign a #1 that's different. But if you're expecting to just draft him, and pencil him into the top pairing like I see some people doing on here, I think you're being unrealistic.

Sbisa played and then was sent down and hasn't become anything since.

No I agree. But playing with the team, and being the answer at the #1 d spot aren't the same thing.
Well, Sbisa is playing top 4 minutes on the team with the second most points in the league. He's a +3 which is better than any defensemen on the Flyers. Not saying he's a franchise defenseman but I think he's going to have a solid career.

I could see Jones playing Juniors next year, then joining the Flyers when his Junior season ends. And I think if that were to happen he would be up for good. If the Flyers actually drafted him it wouldn't surprise me if he made the team next year out of TC. He's one of the older players in his draft class so he's probably a bit more mature (physically) than most of them. He won't be a top pairing guy right away but he could get significant playing time. And the Flyers absolutely should NOT be looking for a quick fix anyway. That's been the M.O. for years and it hasn't worked. I can be patient if I'm convinced the team is going in the right direction.

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